Monday Motivation: How to Sell Anything to Anyone

How to Sell Anything to Anyone with Fredrik Eklund We are all in the game of selling – be it actual product, services or even just an idea, we all need to sell something to someone in our lives. At ATS, we believe in the personal touch, in the human element... read more

This Week in Social: Instagram Scheduling is Here

We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up to date with all things social. Our top story this week is that you can now schedule your Instagram... read more

This Week in Social: Instagram’s Time to Shine

We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up to date with all things social. Our big Story this week is that Instagram now show when users were... read more

Finding Motivation in Yourself with Gary Vee

If you don’t follow Gary Vaynerchuk, you need to start. He should be your first port of call for some Monday motivation. Gary Vee, as he is affectionately known, is a big time entrepreneur, founder of Vaynermedia, investor in Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Tumblr... read more

This Week in Social: It’s all about Facebook

Our TOP Story the week is that Facebook are planning on shrinking. Yep, you read that right. As part of their drive in 2018 to create more meaningful content, conversations and relationships online and remove some of the ‘spam-like’ nature of the news feed... read more

Why Twitter Chats Work

Are you looking to have a more focused approach on Twitter? The platform isn’t dead, contrary to popular belief – especially if you can find the right community to be a part of. In fact, organised Twitter chats are still very much ‘a thing’ and... read more

Monday Motivation for Creative Business Owners

Image via Marie Forleo Good morning, all! It’s the first working Monday of 2018 and we want to share a video with you that popped up on our Youtube recommendations last week. This is a must if you are looking for motivation as a creative business owner.... read more

Empowering Women for Christmas

This year, we are not doing Christmas cards. We want to do something bigger that makes more of an impact. Therefore, we have decided to support a charity project. As someone who used to work with charities in Africa and a huge supporter of women in business, I want to... read more

All Things November: Our Monthly Roundup

We’ve had such a busy November that we can’t believe it’s already December! It’s the most important time of the year for most small businesses as they try to make the most of festive sales. So, as we’re all about to give it our all and end the year on a high, we’d... read more

Our Fave Free Social Media Tools

With what seems like a million different things to manage at any given time, social media tends to fall to the backburner for many small business owners. Over the years, we’ve tried and tested many different paid, and free tools to help manage social media... read more

How I Built My Business

Two years ago, I signed on the dotted line to set up All Things Social here in Guernsey. In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, I wanted to just take a moment to tell you how I got set up and how I got to where I am today.   I started my little online... read more

How To Recycle Content Without Overdoing It

These days, our social feeds are bombarded with content. Add that to things like stringent algorithms (we’re looking at you, Facebook!) and chances are that hardly anybody is seeing your beautiful posts. It hurts even more when you’ve just spent the best part of... read more

Video: JK Rowling’s Top 10 Tips For Success

Many of us dream of becoming successful writers and many of us soon realise that it’s not as easy as it seems. It takes extreme perseverance, resilience and for most, it becomes a hobby alongside a full-time job that pays the bills. An author with one of the most... read more

All Things October: Our Monthly Roundup

It’s officially November, and for most small businesses this means that the big end of the year holiday rush is about to come. This year, we’re vowing to forgo the stress and craziness, and to just simply enjoy the season. That being said, we hope that... read more