Interview with Sheryl Sandberg & Jessica Alba

Welcome to our Monday Motivation Series! Every Monday, we plan to share a great, inspirational piece, such as a video with practical tips for business and life as well as inspirational stories and interviews designed to motivate you and get you ready for the week ahead. This week, we’re bringing you a video from the Internet Association.

This fireside chat which took place on International Day of the Girl last year with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Jessica Alba of The Honest Company is a brilliant listen. It’s an honest, insightful chat with some great takeaways.

Here are a few highlights:

The future is online: This is why Jessica wanted to launch online and use social to create a quality product with an authentic voice. Both stated how important it is to be online and have a great relationship both with employees and customers. Sheryl gave some great stats: 1/3 of small businesses (in the US) don’t have an online presence.

The Shift to Mobile is Real: An iPhone has more computing power than the computer used to send the first man to the moon in 1969. Facebook makes getting online easier from small businesses as the mobile solution for businesses around the world – you don’t always need a website (we agree!).

The Honest Company loves Facebook: For Honest, the long term value of a customer is always greater than the acquisition cost on the Facebook platform. They attribute this to their focus on great, relevant content. They love Facebook Live! Jessica gives great examples of how she uses the platform and how she enjoys using it on a personal level to help her business. She said how they have seen 172% more organic views on their content since introducing Facebook Live.

Online vs Offline: We loved the hustle when Jessica cheekily asked Sheryl for advice on stage! And that Sheryl confirmed that storytelling & brand building content is vital for longterm ROI. You build your brand and you build your returning customer base – simple.

Authenticity is so important: It builds loyalty in consumers. Millennial consumers want to see new, fresh and relevant content. And after you’ve posted it – talk to your community! Constant, quick responses are what people want and need.

Video is the Future: Sheryl spoke about how 2.5million visitors have posted a video – they could never have done that with a TV commercial, as budget would never have allowed it. Video is naturally very engaging content in a news feed. Technology clearly makes things that were once out of reach, such as videos for television advertising, more accessible to all.

Executive Leadership Skills: Why are men called assertive and women are called bossy? This rang very true. Just watch Sheryl’s little experiment with the people in the room.

“Should you be working?” We loved the discussion about encouraging girls to go into coding, computer science and tech jobs, as well as the interesting chat about women in management roles. Let’s move to push against those stereotypes.

Know your Strengths: Fill your weak gaps with other, talented people. Don’t try to do it all. Work smart.

Living in Fear: It’s important to step out of your comfort zone, both in business and in life. Jessica says she does that to show her daughters how to be strong and successful. Sheryl does it every day since losing her husband, which has given her huge perspective.

Did you enjoy the video? What did you take away from this today? Let us know below!