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Are you looking to have a more focused approach on Twitter? The platform isn’t dead, contrary to popular belief – especially if you can find the right community to be a part of. In fact, organised Twitter chats are still very much ‘a thing’ and very worthwhile participating in, whether you’re a business or even an individual looking to gain exposure. The best bit is that they are super easy to join or you can even host your own as all you need is a Twitter account and a hashtag! Still unsure? Read on to discover the key benefits that they can offer.


You can learn a lot from other people on Twitter, especially when you’re first starting out within your field and have a million questions that you wish you could ask somebody more experienced. Twitter chats are particularly great for this. Getting your question out there and answered can often be invaluable in terms of the varied responses that you receive. Plus, you can also read through all of the other participants’ questions and learn a trick or two along the way. It’s also a hugely reassuring to see that there are others out there in the same boat as you, with whom you could even connect with. Who knows what opportunities could present themselves?!

Gain Exposure

Taking part in a high profile chat is a great way to gain exposure, especially if the chat’s hashtag starts trending. Think about it, how many times do you curiously click on the trending topics in the sidebar to see what’s people are talking about? By simply asking your own questions to the community or even liking questions posed by others, you’re opening yourself up to a whole host of followers who wouldn’t have otherwise seen you. It’s an easy way to increase your following and rest assured that they are relevant to you or your brand.

Build Credibility

You can gain authority status very quickly in a Twitter chat. Particularly if you’re the host of a chat, because you are positioning yourself as an expert within your field, then you prove your credibility by successfully answering people’s questions and offering them responses of true value. Alternatively, just by taking part in a chat and offering insight in other conversations also affirms your credentials. It’s an easy way to prove to the world that you know your stuff and that your products or services are the best of the best.

Connect With Customers

Twitter chats are great at connecting with your current followers and directly gaining an insight into their needs and wants from your brand. Think of the market research that went into retrieving this invaluable information before social media existed. Hearing and fulfilling your customers’ needs is also a surefire way to boost loyalty and in turn they’ll be recommending you to all of their friends! Twitter chats also provide you with the opportunity of attracting new customers who’ll find you on the trending hashtag or see you in one of your followers’ chat interactions.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits, we’re sure you’re eager to participate in a Twitter chat, so go and get involved in the next relevant one that you find! For those who’d like to take things a step further and host their own but feel a little shaky, why not get in touch here to find out how we can offer a bespoke strategy or support for you?

Any questions? Or favourites that you love taking part in? Tell us below!