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Top 5 Cafe And Restaurants' Insta accounts -

Image: the lovely Lydia Elise Millen

We’re obsessed with seeing what our favourite brands have been posting on Instagram. Having a profile for your business is one of the easiest ways to showcase who your brand is to the world. For any business trying to establish their own Instagram presence, it’s also really important to take a peek at your competitors’ and peers’ profiles to get a little inspiration. Take a look at what is working for them and then emulate it in your own style (don’t copy!).

Similarly, it also doesn’t hurt to look towards leading accounts from different industries (bloggers like Lydia above are an excellent place to start!) as it might inspire you to bring something different to your own content. Stef is a major foodie and Sam is forever fuelling her cool coffee shop obsession, so today we’re sharing five of our fave cafe and restaurant Instagrams with you, and explaining why we think their profiles are killing it. Get ready for some instaspiration!

1) @farmgirlcafe
Billed as holistic and honest Australian-style cafes in London’s Notting Hill and Chelsea, Farm Girl Cafe’s Instagram account uses clear, consistent, on-brand photography throughout, and only regrams UGC (user-generated content – i.e. customers’ photos) which fits within its feed’s aesthetic. Photos posted make its food and drink look delicious yet trendy. It also doesn’t hurt that its cafes’ interiors are beyond instagrammable, and they have a resident dog who can also be transformed into latte art on your order!

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2) @carluccios
Having an Instagram presence for your company means more than just sharing your products, as people want an insight into what your brand stands for and the people who work there. The Italian style cafe, restaurant and food store, Carluccio’s, is a great example, as it not only shares posts of its delicious food and drink options but also inspirational shots of Italy and the Riviera lifestyle as to reflect the brand. We really like their vibe.

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3) @farmacyuk
This Notting Hill-based restaurant focuses on organic food by nature and is surrounded by an ‘eat your medicine’ ethos. So, their Instagram cleverly adopts a palette of greens and earthy tones, peppered with matching UGC and educational posts by the brand. Their mission is to teach its followers about adopting healthier eating habits after all.

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4) jackswifefreda
Based in NYC, this restaurant sells the feeling of being in the cafe as well as its food. It combines styled shoots with shots of the team or its customers, as well as impromptu behind the scenes shots. A great mix of content which helps you to get a great feel for the brand. No wonder they have 130k followers.

5) palmvaults
This London-based cafe has been dubbed as one of the most Instagrammable cafes around by leading fashion magazines. The cafe’s interior and colourful lattes are what pull the bloggers in, and it’s their clever Instagram presence that has helped to spread the word. Adopting a mainly pink and green palette to match its real-life cafe, the feed mixes styled shoots with UGC and plenty of inspirational shots that reflect the brand’s lifestyle and interior inspirations. We’re obsessed.

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Share your favourite cafe and restaurant Instagram accounts with us in the comments below!

We hope that sharing these accounts with you has helped to inspire your own Instagram content, and if you need help with showcasing your brand on social, please get in touch!