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We’re back again with some Instaspiration to help inspire your business Instagram strategies. This time around, we’re turning our attention to the world of fashion to choose our favourite stylish Instagram accounts. Whittling down our top five has been no mean feat, and our final selection spans a mix of luxury, high-street and independent fashion brands. Get ready to be inspired and let us know which you’ll be adopting into your own strategies – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion brand or not, as there are always elements which will work for any industry.


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Beginning within the world of luxury fashion, it’s almost impossible to ignore Burberry’s presence. In general, they’re a brand who aren’t afraid of trying out new things, and no matter how relevant or innovative they are, they always infuse an element of their brand’s identity. If you land on their Instagram feed, you instantly know that it’s them, as their photography and colour palette is cleverly curated to display the brand’s heritage and luxury aesthetic.


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There’s no denying that this e-commerce fashion brand has gone from strength to strength over the years, and it’s mainly because they’ve developed a strong brand identity that is reflected throughout all of their communications. They know their target market inside out, so know exactly what kind of content they will engage with on social. One of the best things about Missguided’s strategy is their distinctive tone of voice which reads the same from its website to each of its social channels. Just check out their Insta captions, they are distinctively Missguided, and clearly demonstrate the importance of devising a persona and clear tone of voice for your brand to encourage engagement.


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For the footwear and accessory fans amongst you, you’ll know that designer Sophia Webster’s brand is all about creativity, bold colours and, most importantly, fun. Her Instagram palette reflects her fun brand aesthetic perfectly, but look carefully… There is also a lot of UGC posted throughout. The brand is very clever at just regramming shots that fit seamlessly into their Insta feed. They are also no stranger to sharing these shots within their newsletter and on their website. It’s a great tip for both encouraging customer loyalty and saving yourself a little by cutting down on your social shoots.


To showcase your brand effectively on social, you have to showcase your entire brand, which includes you and your employees. That’s right, people want more than just your product shots. When even a fashion house as big as the luxury high-street brand AndOtherStories can show you a day in the life of its team members, there are no excuses as to why you can’t. So grab Susie from Buying, your followers are eager to know exactly what she does!


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Sick of seeing only models wearing the items you’re thinking of buying? Well… newsflash, so are the majority of people out there on social media. That’s why Madewell’s Instagram strategy is so clever. They get different members of their team styling up their latest fashion offerings so that you can not only be inspired by different styles but also see how the items would fit on real life different body shapes. It’s a great way to give their Instagram engagement a boost.

Which of our fashion examples were you most inspired by? Drop a comment below!

Featured Image: Via the inspirational Josie of Fashion Mumblr.