In June and again in September, I hosted a workshop at the Digital Greenhouse, all about Getting Content & Engagement Right on Social. The workshop was the second in a new Hands-On series presented by Startup Guernsey, offering practical workshops where small business owners can really learn by doing in a small, classroom-like environment. I also hosted the first one about voice and branding for social which you can read about here.

In terms of social content, the one thing I tell all clients is that these 3 things are incredibly important: Authenticity, Consistency, Value. You need to be real, you need to be consistent and you need to be providing value to your audience. I detailed these 3 things in a blog post here. It is incredibly important to follow these three tips in order to but that you are able to manage your content creation efficiently in order to have time to actually spend time engaging with others online.

Remember that wonderful show ‘Married with Children’ with the Frank Sinatra theme tune? That’s what first came to mind when I was writing the slide for this workshop on content and engagement.

“Love and marriage, love and marriage,
Go together like a horse and carriage.
This I tell you brother,
You can’t have one without the other.”

Content & Engagement. You can’t have one without the other.

You can’t have content without engagement – otherwise you are just wasting your time, right? So what should you be doing to get on top of your content, so that a) you can be sure that it is engaging, and b) you actually have time to create some engagement around your content and social channels.

So, first up you need to get organised: Make a content plan, schedule your content out, monitor any responses that you get, make time for engagement and, most importantly, keep evolving. Don’t let your strategy get stale. If something works, do more of it. If something doesn’t – and you’ve given it a chance, then switch it out for something else. Try new trends and feed off the engagement that you get on your content.

What can you plan in advance in order to get on top of your content & have more time for engagement? Here are a few tips that I shared with workshop attendees:

1. Use Video!
2. Tag Others
3. Share Other People’s Content
4. Post At The Right Times
5. Work On Your “Clickbait” – emotive headlines
6. Increase Posting Frequency
7. Share Content Multiple Times
8. Have a Hashtag Strategy
9. Use Visuals: images, memes, GIFs
10. Create Shareable Content
11. Reuse & Repurpose Evergreen Content
12. Re-share Popular Content
13. Participate in Facebook Groups & Twitter Chats
14. Create Infographics

After going through, each point with explanations and examples on each point, we got into worksheets and one-to-one advice where we looked at the three things that attendees wanted to focus on in order to improve the content & engagement for their business social channels. It was a throughly enjoyable morning. I absolutely love spending time with small business owners and hearing first-hand more about their social media goals and their passion for their business.

Content & Engagement Workshop -

One final thing I always like to emphasise with every meeting or workshop that I hold: Social takes time, so don’t expect miracles overnight but if you are consistent with your content and the way that you represent yourself and/or your business, then you will start to build up brand recognition and awareness, plus a loyal following – which will lead to increased sales and recommendations from your community.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. I am hosting a new workshop in December in Guernsey. Find more details on our Events Page.


Thanks go again to Startup Guernsey for their continued support of my business and my workshops.SaveSave