These days, our social feeds are bombarded with content. Add that to things like stringent algorithms (we’re looking at you, Facebook!) and chances are that hardly anybody is seeing your beautiful posts. It hurts even more when you’ve just spent the best part of half an hour repositioning your latest meal to merely receive a handful of likes! We know.

What’s the solution if you also don’t have much of a marketing budget to give it a boost? Recycling, of course! However, there is a way to do it, without overdoing it as your most engaged users don’t want to be seeing the same content over and over again. So, read on to discover our top tips on nailing the content recycling game!

1. Update It

If you’ve promoted a blog post once, there’s no problem in sharing it again. Simply highlight a different angle in your promotional copy (the text you write with the link) and use a different image from within the post. Even better, if your blog’s subject area has since had a development, update your post and share it again it using that angle. Just be sure to add an edit date so that people know when you refreshed it.

2. Change The Copy

If you can’t change the image, then change up the copy. For instance, if it was originally pushed with an affirmative sentence, change it into a question to prompt engagement. People may see it differently and click through for a read this time. It’s all about the psychology of the click-through.

3. Go Evergreen

It’s also fine to repost relevant content as your audience will more than likely have forgotten about it  – or have missed it the first time around. Plus, it’ll still be fresh for new members! There are many apps, such as Meet Edgar & Buffer that will help you to stay on top of your evergreen content.

4. Guest Posts

If you’ve had content about your company posted on another site, get permission to share it on yours. There’s also the possibility of just taking snippets and promoting the content in different ways. The creation of several social posts from one guest post is the dream.

5. Try a New Format

Let’s say you’ve promoted a blog post by sharing an image. You can mix it up to recycle it. Lose the original image and pull key facts from the post to use to share it. When allows, you could even create an infographic. Or another fun idea is to write up the key findings of one of your videos into blog post format. It’d feel like something new entirely.

If you’ve got any further questions about re-purposing your content for your blog or social, get in touch with our team here as we’d love to help.

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