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How To Use Insta Stories -

Everybody is talking about how important Instagram Stories have now become for your company’s social media strategy, and they’re right! Now gaining over 400 million daily active users which is around double that of Snapchat’s, it’s a key way to boost your organic Instagram engagement, whilst building brand awareness and encouraging conversions.

So, are you tempted to get in on the Insta Stories’ action but not sure about where to begin? We’ve pulled together some easy tips to help get you started.

Where To Begin

Stories Homepage -

Click the house at the bottom of your screen to ensure that you’re on the homepage, then click the camera at the top left of the screen, or alternatively swipe right.

Take A Photo

Stories Post 2 -

Tap the circle button above ‘Normal’ to take a photo or hold it down to film a video. Swiping the text below the button also gives you different creative options such as to create a Boomerang (those mini videos that loop back and forth that you may have seen) or go live.

Choose A Photo

Stories post 3 -

You might have a photo on your camera roll from earlier which you’d like to share. If so, tap the square on the bottom far left which will take you to your photos which you’ve taken in the last 24 hour, or click the arrow at the top to choose from everything saved on your phone. Just tap the photo you’d like to use. 

Add A Message

Stories post 4 -

Once you’ve either captured or selected the photo which you’d like to share, you can personalize it. Click the ‘Aa’ on the top right to type a message. Once clicked the font name will appear in the top middle which you can click several times as to change the font style which you’re using. Change its hue by tapping a colour from the palette at the bottom, and highlight its background by clicking the square on the top left corner, and again selecting a colour from the palette. Click ‘Done’ on the top right once you’ve finished.

Get Creative

Stories post 5 -

The pen at the top, right middle gives you the option to tap a pen style with a colour option palette again, then draw as you please with your finger on the screen. Or add in a sticker by clicking the smile which is the first icon on the top right bar. This gives you the option to add a fun emoji, or feature useful bits like locations, mentions or hashtags in a fun way. Once you’ve finished being creative, just click ‘Done’. 

How To Undo

If you add anything which you don’t need, simply hold it down and drag it to the centre bottom of the screen where a trash can will appear for you to pop it in. Easy!!

Share A Photo

When you’re happy with the Story, just click ‘Send To’ on the bottom right of your screen. Adding to Your Story is the top option on the screen which appears, and you simply click ‘share’, and you’re done! You can go on to add further Stories if you wish.

We hope that’s helped to get you started but for any further questions, please drop a comment below.
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