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We love perusing our favourite homeware brands on social and our obsession has served us well, as it’s helped us to see exactly why and how the most successful are just that. So, if you are a homeware brand that’s looking to up your social game, here are some of our handy tips. Or alternatively, if your company isn’t homeware focused, you’ll still be able to derive some transferable inspiration from the below. You’re welcome!

Make Instagram A Priority 

We tell all homeware brands that they have to be on Instagram. It’s the perfect place to showcase your products and tell your company’s story. It also acts as an extension of your branding, especially if you cleverly choose a palette which reflects your company’s colours. Instagram now also presents you with the opportunity to link up your Facebook Shop and tag your products on Instagram so that you can shop directly. A great way at reducing the customer journey and helping to encourage sales.

Harness UGC

Select the perfect, on-brand UGC (User Generated Content) and not only will it reduce your time in shooting content for your social channels but it’ll also help to reaffirm customer loyalty as well as encourage brand awareness and credibility. An easy solution, right? Our tip is to let your own social photography set the tone to encourage good quality UGC which you can re-share, and of course credit all re-shares with the follower’s social handle. It’s not only socially polite to do so but it could also help to boost their communities. Let’s call it an energy exchange!

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Social is the perfect opportunity for all brands to showcase their stories but it’s even more important for those with higher price points who want to differentiate themselves from budget homeware brands. Telling your stories inexplicably details why your prices are higher and helps people to justify the investment. Seeing the people behind the brand gives them a reason to fall in love with your company and its products. There are many ways to tell your stories too, share your company’s history in a fun way, think about showcasing who your team is and what they do, tell followers what your company believes in, and of course, get posting the inspirations behind your designs.

Have A Voice

Let your company’s personality come across in your social content. Having a beautiful photo is half of the process, now complement it with a caption written in your brand’s tone of voice to bump up engagement and to really help set you apart from other companies. Our tip is to keep your voice consistent, start by remembering ‘who’ your company is and perhaps filling out a company persona template (you can find plenty of free resources online with a simple Google search), then share some guidelines with anybody who you’ve assigned to post on your social media.

Customer Service

We live in an age where people instantly turn to social media to post negative or positive comments, or simply ask questions. So, being present on social and having somebody who can engage in real-time will turn around any negative comments, generating positive word of mouth, and most importantly helping to secure sales.

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