Insta Shadowban -

Noticed that your Instagram isn’t performing quite as well as usual? Well, even the most powerful of Influencers are experiencing a massive dip in engagement, and it’s got everybody wondering if there’s something which Instagram just isn’t telling us.

We know that Instagram’s algorithm changes are continuing to roll out from that of a chronological feed to one based on engagement, and it’s scarily estimated that only 10% of your audience are now seeing your posts. People in the know are also suggesting that perhaps accounts are falling victim to an Instagram Shadowban. So, first things first, here’s what we know about shadowbanning and how you can stop it. As for beating the new Instagram Algorithm, we’ll be back with some tips in next Monday’s post.

What’s A Shadowban?

Shadowbanning is believed to be when your account becomes practically invisible, preventing you from reaching new people. So, no matter what hashtag you’re adding, your post won’t publically appear within its search, which makes it incredibly hard for small businesses to grow their followings. Of course your current audience can still see your posts, but organically, remember that’s probably only going to be around 10% of them.

How Do They Happen?

Shadowbans are Instagram’s way of preventing spammy content, or anything that goes against their terms of use. The key ways in which you can encounter one are; 1) You’re abusing Instagram’s daily and hourly limits i.e. over liking or commenting on other accounts. 2) You’re using software which violates Instagram’s terms of services, so think apps which like other accounts on your behalf. 3) Your account is continuously reported. 4) You’re using a broken or abused hashtag which can often be a result of others posting inappropriate content on a particular hashtag resulting in it the hashtag being removed or limited. In effect, this can then make all of the other hashtags on your post redundant.

How To Check For Shadowbanning?

A simple way to find out, is to ask a handful of users who don’t follow you to check if they can find your post under one of the hashtags which you’ve used.

How To Remove A Shadowban?

A shadowban isn’t the end of your Instagram. Here are our tips on removing one; 1) Check the hashtags you’ve used to see if any have been banned, and if so, delete that hashtag from your posts. 2) Stop using automated apps to grow your followings. 3) After following the steps above, take an Insta break for two days or more, as this often helps to reset your account.

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