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We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up to date with all things social.

Our Top Story this week is that Pinterest is debuting its own version of Secret Santa! Just in time for the holidays, Pinterest are launching Ideas boards, that will include trending gift ideas and present suggestions based on what your friends & family have been pinning. It will also have input from big brands such as Amazon & Coca-Cola who will add personalised messages. Pinterest have been slowly upping their game for a while and have been working on smart monetisation ideas in order to ensure that they stick around for years to come. As an entirely unique platform, we think they’ve got a lot to give. Combine that with the stat that “Pinners are 35% more likely to buy gifts than non-Pinners, and they spend 45% more when they buy those gifts,” and Pinterest know they have an engaged audience that works for them and for brands. (via AdWeek.)

Facebook are testing ‘Collections’ to help you to organise your Saved Posts. If you’re anything like us who like to bookmark a quick link to come back to it later – be it a recipe, a cool social video idea, a tech tips blog post, or a job offer announcement but you don’t have time (or the volume!) to deal with it at the time, then Facebook are now going to help you make it easier to find those saved links by being able to sort them into ‘Collections’. Much like their Instagram feature of the same name, you’ll soon be able to separate your ‘healthy chocolate cake’ inspiration from your business development inspo. We do love a good filing system. (via TheNextWeb)

Twitter are also now testing a Bookmarks feature so you can start saving posts too. Whilst Facebook are busy with Collections, Twitter have finally started testing ‘Bookmarks’. This feature means that you’ll be able to actually save a blog post or article to read later as opposed to hitting like and hoping you remember to go back through later (we’ve all been there!). The beauty of this is that the ‘Like’ feature is more a public show of appreciation to the tweeter, whereas Bookmarks are a private feature to help you to store something you want to come back to later. Perfect for small business inspiration or gift ideas that you don’t want others to see! (via TechCrunch)

Instagram is testing a REGRAM BUTTON! Gone are the days of screenshotting and cropping… we hope. We have always advised clients to repost content on Instagram the ‘old-fashioned’ way as opposed to an app that leaves a big branded banner on each picture. But Instagram have FINALLY started testing a ‘repost’ button alongside a whole host of other features. Here’s hoping this is one that gets implemented and is done so in a very neat and tidy way so that the overall look of your profile doesn’t change. (via TheNextWeb)

Snapchat Gets More Personal: Snapchat have announced a change in both design and algorithm. They have now separated content from your friends from content from brands and publishers on the screen, so that you can always find the people that you want to talk to. They have also introduced a more specific algorithm that will learn the kind of content that you want to see on the publisher side of the screen. As founder Evan Spiegel puts it; “Friends aren’t content – they are your relationships.” (via

We’ll be back next week with the latest in social media!

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