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This Week in Social -

It’s that time of the week again! Time to round up the top 5 pieces of social media news from the week. This week has got a few people talking online so read on to stay up to date with all things social.

The top story this week is Instagram are adding an instant ‘Promote’ button to Stories.They told TechCrunch that Promote for Stories works similarly to the Boost option on Facebook that lets them pay to instantly show their feed posts to more users. It is being predicted to be a ‘cash cow’ for the app in a similar way that ‘Boost’ has been for FB, but I’m hoping that it won’t become as easy way out for people who can’t be bothered to spend time on engagement. Time will tell. (via TechCrunch)

Twitter are planning to REMOVE their ‘like’ button. The idea is that to encourage more debate and force people to respond to tweets instead of just hitting that little heart and carrying on with their scroll. We like the idea of encouraging more quality interaction on social media. Twitter seem to be stepping up they interacting & engagement game & I am here for it! (via Telegraph)

You can now share IGTV videos to your Instagram Stories. The new feature allows for users to share a preview of any IGTV video in their stories, similar to the feature that lets users instantly repost stories they’re mentioned in. “Tap the paper airplane at the bottom of the video you want to share. When friends see your story, they can tap the preview to watch the whole video in IGTV.” (via The Verge)

Facebook has added a new ‘Recommendations’ panel to Groups. It is a new section in Facebook groups, which collates all recommended Pages and businesses by group members, creating a personalised list for the group that you are in, which will strengthen community & peer-to-peer connections. It’s a great move for active groups. (via Social Media Today) (P.S – join our FB group here!)

Finally, on Monday Vimeo announced integration with LinkedIn. This means that LinkedIn are finally taking video more seriously. You can now add native video via Vimeo instead of just dropping a link. It’s a good move for both platforms, as neither are field leaders, but together they will more than likely become stronger. (via Digital Trends).

Which news piece has got you excited? Let me know in the comments below. 

P.S. New photos courtesy of Steph Bisson.