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We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.

Our top story this week is that Facebook is personalising your navigation bars. To prioritise the services which you use the most frequently on the mobile app, Facebook will be adding shortcuts to things like Friend Requests or Groups. It’s a handy way to make your Facebook experience that bit more bespoke to your needs. (via The Verge).

Get ready to welcome Snapchat Storytellers. The feature aims to help brands with their own content creation, and will feature some of the most popular Snapchatters in ads in Discover and Stories. If your company focuses on the youth market, this could be a great way to help you find an Influencer for your next campaign. (via Fortune).

Send a voice message on LinkedIn. This new update lets you send a message lasting up to a minute via the chat tool. We’re a little on the fence about this networking update. Is it a bit awkward? Or is it the way forward in being a bit more personable on the platform and avoiding back and forth emails? (via CNN Tech).

Facebook continues to work at keeping our data safe. The social network has just blocked a whole bunch of apps from accessing its user’s data. We’re happy to see that the social network is still working hard at protecting our data security ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (via Mashable).

The Instagram rich list is here. We officially live in a world where Kylie Jenner can request £760k for one Instagram post thanks to having over 112 million followers. Now, why are we telling you this? It’s important to realise that Influencer campaigns are big business, so if you’re thinking about working with a reasonably sized Influencer with a few thousand followers, expect a sizeable fee. (via Sky News).

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