We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up to date with all things social.

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Our top story this week is that Microsoft has launched LinkedIn integrations with their Outlook email platform. After buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, Microsoft is starting to roll out integrations to help you leverage LinkedIn information at work. For Office 365 users with a LinkedIn profile, they will be able to see insights, past employer information, and profile photos for people in your email network. Imagine receiving an email to set up a meeting and being able to see their credentials and past education without having to look it up. Sounds awesome! (via Tech Crunch)

Instagram is testing a stop motion and launched Superzoom camera on Stories. This week users spotted this feature. Basically, you can take a series of photos and Instagram pastes them together into a short video. Think the gif version of Boomerang. Then you can add stickers and other tags as normal. They also launched a hilarious dramatic effect Superzoom feature this week just in time for Halloween. Have you tried either of these new features? (via The Verge)

Whatsapp and Facebook are going up against an EU taskforce. The task force is not happy with Whatsapp’s plan to share data with its parent company Facebook. The only information that we know they plan to share would be to show “suggested friends” and to “serve more relevant ads”.UK’s Information Commissioner has said that Whatsapp did not obtain valid consent from its users to do such an information transfer. We will keep you posted as more news comes out on this. (via BBC)

No worries, Facebook says they aren’t listening to you through your microphone.The Reply All podcast was soliciting callers who think they’ve been targeted Facebook ads with data obtained through their microphone got more than he asked for. The head of Adverts on Facebook replied to his tweet sharing that it is simply not true, and has never been true. So rest easy, those ads on engagement rings are because you’ve been browsing them on the web, not because they heard you chatting on the phone with your mum. (via CNBC)

Apple’s iPhone X takes Snapchat filters to the next level. The new iPhone’s TrueDepth camera is producing snap filters that look crazy realistic. This technology is powered by devices beyond just a camera. The information from a live picture of you and augmented reality algorithms and some other magic that we just don’t quite understand yet. Check out the photos, they’re amazing! (via Mashable)

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