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This Week in Social Media -
I didn’t publish news last week because I didn’t have enough stories at the time of wring and then just decided to give you a double whammy this week, so here is the latest news for the past fortnight on social media so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.
Our top story this week is that Facebook are adding more video tools. They are introducing a feature called “Premiere”, that enabled publishers to air pre-recorded videos with all the features of Facebook Live – without the crippling fear or need to be stuck to a set schedule. Perfect for those who are fans of batching content ahead of time. They have also added live polls to keep people engaging with videos. (via Social Media Today)
Facebook have released a few tips for Page owners. Facebook have suggested a couple of things that Page owners can do to keep their Business accounts secure, including keeping an eye on who has access to the page, as well as on changes to payment settings. (via Facebook)
Pinterest have added a ‘More Ideas” tab. This is to encourage more new content discovery on the app. They continue to make changes and bigger steps towards their e-commerce goals. The update comes alongside their new ‘suggested sections’ to streamline organisation. (via Social Media Today)
Facebook are stepping up their video ad game. They have added a very similar advertising offering to Youtube to their Facebook Watch video platform. It’s just another step in their plan to take over from Youtube as the main video platform on the internet. And they’ve got a good shot. (via Mashable)
Twitter has reportedly been testing Up and Downvotes. They have been slowly adding and playing with a few new features in order to increase engagement.  This is an interesting one because it will make their systems even more dependent on human reaction rather than an algorithm. (Via Social Media Today)

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