This Week in Social -

We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up to date with all things social.

Our top story this week is that Facebook is testing facial recognition as a login tool. This new feature is being tested in a small pool of users at the moment. The goal is to help users who are locked out of their account for whatever reason, not to as a way log in every day. Facebook hopes this feature will quickly and effectively confirm account ownership when someone has lost access to their account. Stay tuned! (via Tech Radar)

Instagram stories launches polling feature. We found this feature while posting on Instagram Stories this week and we are so excited! You can now pose an either-or question on Stories using a sticker. People can click to “vote” and then will see what everyone else voted. The polling sticker will track responses and let you know the result. We think this could be a great feature for brands to easily engage with their audience. It’s perfect for market research! (via Instagram)

Snapchat’s augmented reality art project is live in several cities. After an accidental early launch, Snapchat now has Jeff Koos’s famous giant balloon animal art sculptures as part of an AR feature. You can include this masterpiece in a snap by simply tapping the screen to bring up the lens carousel before taking a photo. Right now, this feature is only in select cities. (via Engadget)

Pinterest visual search technology ads are now live with Target. Pinterest has been touting this technology for a while, and now the US-based department store is utilising it for advertising. The feature allows users to take photos of things in real life, and visually similar things will show up on Pinterest. So you can see how having an advertisement with your specific product here could be profitable! Down the road, Target hopes to use the technology to allow users to create registries with their phone in-store. (via Ad Week)

You can now cross-post your Instagram Stories to Facebook. This feature was spotted by some US users and is now confirmed by Facebook that it is officially rolling out. When you click to share a post to your Instagram story, you will now get an option to send it to Facebook stories too. You can’t do the reverse yet, but that may be coming in the future. Will this finally be the trick that makes Facebook stories take off? It’s time to test that out. (via Tech Crunch)

Which update has got you most excited? Let us know below!