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We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.

Our top story this week is that Sponsored messaging is coming to Facebook. For small businesses who can’t build bots, Facebook is testing a new self-serve sponsored messaging tool which lets companies send out messages to anybody who’s already spoken to them. Think display ads being injected into the message box or sponsored message ads. Our tip for small businesses wanting to use this feature is to keep ads of quality and don’t send too often, as nobody wants to feel like they’re being spammed with bad offers. (via Techcrunch).

Facebook’s ‘Explore’ feature is getting the axe. Facebook has been testing its idea to split the news feed into two with one for non-promoted posts from Pages, and one for publishers (called “Explore”). Its goal was to help people to connect more with friends and family but feedback has proven the opposite. People simply don’t want two feeds! So, although we’re waving goodbye to this idea, their recent algorithm changes remain the same with the goal of prioritising personal, meaningful connections. (via thenextweb). You can read our tips on beating the Facebook algorithm here.

Facebook celebrates International Women’s Day with new community finder tool. Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness program is already a great source of advice and resources for professional women, and its new tool will help to connect female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses in 23 countries. Sharing information with like-minded women, might be just the boost which your own business needs. (via mashable).

Instagram might be welcoming video calls. Instagram Stories already have more users than Snapchat’s, so could this possible update pose an even bigger threat for them? TechCrunch has discovered hidden codes for call and video call in the platform’s Android APKs. What could this mean for your small business? It’s a sign that Instagram could become people’s go-to app. So, even if like many others, your Instagram’s engagement has decreased lately, keep on working at building up your communities. (via engadget).

Twitter now notifies users in group DMs. If you’re sick of scrolling through group DMs to find the bits which are relevant to you, Twitter is now rolling out sending notifications. So, get ready to get a nudge if you’re mentioned in the conversation, and become even speedier at your customer services. (via Adweek).

Facebook’s sponsored messaging and Twitter’s DM notifications could really help to transform your customer services. If you need help with your strategies, get in touch here.

What’s got you most excited about this week’s social news? Drop us a comment below!