We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up to date with all things social.

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Our top story this week is that you can now tweet up to 280 characters! Did you notice something different when you went to send a Tweet this week? You got it, Twitter’s long-awaited move to make tweets 280 characters finally rolled out this week. So far it seems like no one really knows what to do with the extra space. No more excuses to leave out a link to your content and use hashtags! (via New York Times)

Twitter launched a $99/month subscription service that is a hands-off approach for advertisers. This week Twitter rolled out this invite-only feature as a public beta in the US and UK. Essentially this “Promote Mode” is meant for those that don’t have the time to create ad campaigns and their content and profile are automatically always being promoted. You can see the results on a special analytics tab. But it’s not entirely hands-off, you still need to be tweeting out original and good content for this feature to work. (via Engadget)

You can now send money through Facebook Messenger in the UK! Facebook exec says that this new feature is an effort to add more utility to Messenger. Much like China’s biggest messaging app, Wechat, the Facebook Messenger app will allow you to send and receive money from friends. To use it, start a chat with friends and click the blue plus sign to enter your payment information. The money is transferred between 1-3 business days and there is a £2,500 limit. (via Wired)

Pinterest had opened their own real-life workshop for Pinners to work on projects. Pinterest opened this fully stocked space this week with a party of Pinterest influencers at their San Francisco HQ. The space is fully stocked with crafting tools and supplies, a fully stocked kitchen, and an inspiring board of project ideas. You can come to one of the upcoming events, or email Pinterest via their contact info listed to find out how you can use the space. (via Pinterest)

Snapchat was down earlier this week for several hours. Nearly 23,000 people experienced a Snapchat outage on Monday night and took to Twitter. When users went to use the app, they received a message saying “could not refresh” and then later, that Snapchat was looking into the issue. Many users found themselves annoyed as they repeatedly refreshed the app to see if it was working. Always interesting to see just how dependent we are on social apps! (via Telegraph UK)

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