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I’m here with a weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. I summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.

The top story this week is that Pinterest has reported a 25% increase in monthly active users. This platform is definitely on the rise, That is a huge number in a year. I always like to recommend Pinterest to anyone with an e-commerce or publishing platform as it is such a good traffic driver. I usually don’t push it as first choice for local businesses, but I do think that with their new focus on local, that may change in future. Watch out. (via Tech Crunch)

Twitter strikes TV-streaming deals. In a bid to compete with the likes of Facebook Watch, Youtube and IGTV, Twitter have now signed a deal with stream more sports and entertainment. This makes a lot of sense for people who use the app during sports games and after to keep up with scores when out and about. They will be showing football highlights and streaming red carpet events live. I think it’s a great way to bring people back to the app and to encourage more commenting and conversation. They have also announced that they will be placing the livestreams at the top of your feed for maximum reach. Plus, this week Apple’s keynote was live-streamed for the first time on Twitter, so don’t count them out yet! (via CNBC)

People are watching more Youtube on TV than ever before. Youtube have announced that their biggest growth area is the Youtube app on rational television sets. They have noted that people are coming home and watching youtube using their TV and remote control which is not only putting more people on your radar if you have a channel, but also is meaning that television channels are finally taking Youtube very seriously as a viewing platform, like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Pay attention to your viewing and social behaviour and how it is changing – that will often help you realise what you audience is doing too. (via The Guardian)

Instagram are trialling tagging for video. With the platform placing more focus on video of late, it makes sense that they are now trialling the feature to a allow users to tag friends in videos. At the moment, you can only do this in photos and videos is most definitely the next logical step to improve engagement levels. At the moment, it is a trail available for some users, but expect it to roll out very soon for all. (via Engadget)

Instagram have added emoji shortcuts for commenting. Have you noticed some suggested emojis when you go to comments on Instagram this week? This is a new feature designed to increase engagement on the app and it is personalised based on the ones you already use on that account (we have noticed this across different clients!) However, remember that you need to comment more than four words to be considered to be commenting something genuine, so add them in for fun, but don’t use them to replace your engagement strategy, but my all means engage more! (via The Verge)

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