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We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.

Our top story this week is that Instagram has been testing the ability to remove followers. Private accounts have the ability to remove followers and cut off access to their content, and now many public accounts have been reporting a ‘remove follower’ feature. The benefit? Well, it avoids the awkwardness of somebody realising that they’ve been blocked. A great way to cut off lurkers. (via The Verge).

Twitter is cracking down on fake accounts. In Twitter’s fight for quality over quantity, the latest cull has seen high profile people like Obama lose 2.37 million followers! All of which were fake accounts. Twitter is recognising them and removing them, so watch out. (via Forbes).

The Instagram Question Sticker isn’t anonymous. Many people have found themselves in hot water after making unkind comments with this new feature. So be warned, you can’t hide as it shows which follower has asked the question. (via The Guardian).

It’s Facebook-like reactions for Insta Stories. The platform has been seen to be trialing the feature, and there are so far six reactions to pick from. Choose between applause, cry-laughing, heart eyes, face with open mouth, crying, and fire. Think they’ll help your engagement? (via Android Police).

You can apply for Instagram verification. The Instagram verification process has always been somewhat of a mystery but an in-app option for users to request verification is being rolled out in several countries including Australia. We all know the power of a blue tick, so fingers crossed it’ll roll out globally soon. (via rappler).

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