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This Week in Social Media -
I’m here with a weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. I summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social. (Apologies that we are a little late this week, but everything technical has been going against me!)
Our top story this week is that Facebook Pages can now join Facebook Groups as members! Facebook are slowly rolling this out at the moment, but they have finally recognised the need for people to be active as their business page or public profile in groups and not as their personal profiles. I really welcome this change and I know a lot of you will too! (via

Twitter is bringing back the chronological feed. They will soon allow users to choose between the original reverse chronological order or a ranked option called “Show the best tweets.” in a world of algorithms and Facebook-bashing, I actually welcome this. It will mean that you have a chance of being seen on Twitter if you tweet often or hit the right time when your followers are online. (via The Verge)

Instagram has a new shopping feed. You can now find tagged photos int heir new shopping feed. You can also now shop Stories with their new product tags – a step up from the Swipe Up option. I’m super excited about this for a couple of clients and very much looking forward to playing around with it more. (via The Verge)
You can now shop pins on Pinterest. Pinterest have added a Shop the Look option for all business accounts, meaning that you can now tag products in your photos on Pinterest, meaning Evergreen content just stepped up. If you don’t have a Pinterest strategy, you need to get one. STAT. Pinterest are also stepping up their work with influencers and branding deals, so it is only a matter of time until it becomes a Top 3 platform for small businesses again. Don’t forget it! (via Marketing Land)
Instagram is testing hidden hashtags! This is really fresh news and we may see an updated version of this to come, but Instagram is trying to find ways of tidying up your captions and hashtags are the one thing that currently tends to make feeds messy. It was spotted by an app developer who tweeted a screenshot (here) and will most probably be rolling out in some form soon. As a side note, she also noticed the location-restricted stories & posts for local businesses on Instagram, which we expect to also see soon on the platform. Watch this space! (via Engadget)

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