We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.

Our top story this week is that Instagram Stories are becoming the main revenue generator for Publishers and Influencers. As algorithms are increasingly controlling content on Facebook or Youtube, Publishers and Influencers are turning to Insta Stories where they can easily feature links, and swipe ups often lead to sign ups and sales! If the platform decides to implement ways to hinder this, by the times that that they do, you’ll already have a strong email database anyway. (via DigiDay).

You can now share multiple photos and videos at once on Insta Stories. As Stories are becoming strong traffic drivers and more lucrative for companies, it’s great to see that it’s releasing handy new ways to make carrying out your marketing easier. Look for the icon at the top right of your screen, which now allows you to select up to 10 photos or videos at any one time. (via Engadget).

Sophisticated hacking attempts have been reported by Instagram Influencers with 1m+ followers. As the power of being an Instagram Influencer continues to grow, especially thanks to the strength of its Stories and new Shoppable features, it almost comes as no surprise that hackers are turning their attentions to top influencers. This proves that there’s never a better time than now to ensure that all of your social passwords are as strong as can be. (via Forbes).

You can now buy Twitter handles. Twitter has around 330m active monthly users, so it’s hardly a surprise that it’s becoming increasingly hard to register that handle which you’ve always wanted. So, welcome the black market for Twitter handles. Yes, we really do live in that age. It’s no longer just domains which are big business. ForumKorner don’t sell handles which have been stolen or acquired through phishing etc, and all have been obtained fairly. Twitter still don’t however permit the trading of handles, so neither do we but it’s a reminder of how important it is to register your company’s handles across all social platforms before somebody else does! (via TheGuardian).

Pinterest is making updates to help visually impaired users. We’re all for inclusivity, so it’s great to hear that Pinterest are releasing features such as screen reader support, clear focus indicators, and increased color contrasts to ensure that those who are visually impaired aren’t left out and can still enjoy its platform. So, also good to know that all of your followers can enjoy your great Pinterest strategies. (via Adweek).

It’s great to see Instagram continuing to grow, so if you need any help with your strategies, drop us a line here.

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