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This Week in Social Media -

Afternoon, everybody. I’m here with a weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. I summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.

Our Top Story this week is that Facebook is trialling Video Polls. Advertisers may soon be able to add polls to their video ads. This will not only encourage advertisers to create more engaging content, but also encourage viewers to interact with videos too, which will likely hold attention for longer. (via Social Media Today)

Snapchat is losing people. The app has once again reported a loss of users as they leave the platform for rivals such as Instagram. They say they are focused on increased engagement and monetisation. (via The Telegraph)

Twitter lost 9 million monthly active users in the last quarter. However, there share price and profits are up They are putting it down to a mix of GDPR, new privacy rules and tidying up the platform. This is why I tell many clients to go where the attention is. And right now, the attention is not on Twitter (or Snapchat). Where does your ideal follower spend their time? Go there. (via CNN)

Facebook adds new Music Features. Artists and fans can now interact with new  Lip Sync Live and Music-Sharing features on music Pages. Karaoke-style lyrics will also appear on screen to help people to sing along. This is another step by Facebook to quash rival apps (in this case and to keep users online and interacting with people and things that interest them. (via The Verge)

Instagram Video Calls Now Support up to 6 People. Previously, the app allowed for 4 people to video chat together, but this week, they quietly adjusted that to 6. Perfect for your small biz masterminding or one-to-ones with your customers. It’s Instagram’s version of FaceTime and another way to get people to stay in-app for longer. (via 9-5 Mac)

Got any questions or comments on the above news? Let me know below!