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Social tips for fashion brands

Setting up a social presence for your fashion brand can be quite daunting. There are so many channels and different elements to consider that it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, especially because there is A LOT of fashion our there on social media. We’re here however to help you power through! If you read our recent Instaspiration post focusing on five of our favourite fashion brands, you’ll no doubt have already picked up an idea or two for your own brands. If you’re a fashion brand looking for some more detailed social media advice however, or simply looking towards other fields to inspire your presence, read on as you’ll love our handy tips.

The Power Of UGC

User Generated Content is the name given the images created by your followers. We know the importance of peer to peer recommendations in any field, so encouraging UGC around your brand is a must, and especially in a field such as fashion. People want to know what items look like on real people’s bodies or if they can be styled differently to how the brand’s photography is demonstrating. So, get encouraging UGC! A great way to do this for your fashion brand is to create a branded hashtag, let followers know that you’ll regram any favourites, and a monthly reward for the best post is also a great incentive. Just like Missguided does here. Remember your Instagram feed sets your tone, so make sure that your photos are there to inspire the kind of UGC that you’d want to regram. Anyone who wants to be featured – bloggers or customers will look to your feed to try and create an image that would fit there.

Test Your Targeting

Social ad targeting is a great feature with endless options available. Not only should you be testing which imagery or copy seem to be the most effective for your ads but your targeting too. Create your own different audience profiles where you can select various attributes, such as the likes and interests of those you’d want to respond. Testing in this way will help you to pin down your ideal customers and see exactly which ads are the most effective for you.

Create Quality Content

Long gone are the days where you can just pump out shot after shot of your products on social and receive a great reach and general engagement. Algorithm changes on platforms like Facebook and Instagram which we’ve spoken about here, mean that quality content is favoured organically. What does this mean for your fashion brand? Create content that’ll make your followers stop and engage. Get creative! Opt for videos, polls or posts which tell your brand’s story. Social media is getting saturated, so you have to create posts of value in order to make your followers stop and take notice.

Get Your Team Involved 

Being on social is abut telling your brand’s story and not just about selling to your followers. You have to encourage people to invest in what your brand is all about and it’s this that creates loyalty and gives them a reason to choose you over one of  your competitors. A great way to show what your brand is all about is by sharing relevant posts of yourself and your team. Fashion is perceived as a glamorous, exciting world and no doubt your followers are eager to know all about your designers’ inspiration trips or discover the day in the life of your model. We noticed that the luxury high-street brand Madewell share these kind of brand insights really well here.

Brand Identity

Infusing your brand identity throughout your social presence is key, and especially for channels such as Instagram. A big part of your brand identity is your brand’s aesthetic. So, pick a colour palette for your Instagram that reflects your brand and main products, set the tone with your imagery to reflect your brand’s lifestyle and save any ‘raw’ photos for your Insta Stories section. People love a sneak peek!

We have lots of experience within the world of fashion marketing, so please get in touch here if you need advice on your brand’s social presence.

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Featured Image by fashion influencer Victoria of In The FROW.