This Week in Social Media News  -

Our TOP Story the week is that Facebook are planning on shrinking. Yep, you read that right. As part of their drive in 2018 to create more meaningful content, conversations and relationships online and remove some of the ‘spam-like’ nature of the news feed at the moment. We welcome this with open arms. There is an underlying movement here away from mindless scrolling and the more mindful and controlled use of technology. Read more on The Verge.

Instagram is testing Text-Only Stories for those days when you need to explain more in words. The feature is called ‘Type’ and it’s an option on Stories next to Live, Boomerang etc. We think this is a good step for them as we often see people using plain backgrounds to type text anyway. A logical step, but not necessarily a game-changer. Read more here on

Facebook Messenger is getting bigger. We already see a push towards more private messaging on social channels. You are now encouraged to add a ‘Send Message’ button to your Facebook Page updates, as opposed to encouraging people to comment below publicly. The step away from public social media is where 2018 seems to be going. Messenger is good for creating genuine connections, dealing with customer service issues and having private conversations. Read more here.

Facebook is testing a new local news section of the app. In a bid to make social media more relevant to the user – and clear the news feeds of ‘fake news’, Facebook are working on local news and event sections filled with checked and verified news stories with news relevant for the area that you are in. We think it’s a great move, because local communities are really strong on Facebook if you know where to look. Read more on recode.

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