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This Week in Social Media News -

We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up to date with all things social.

Our big Story this week is that Instagram now show when users were last active. As a part of Facebook’s mission to do more with Instagram’s Messenger capabilities, they are now adding activity status updates to the people you are talking to in your direct messages. To be clear, this isn’t a feature on profiles – it’s in the conversations that you are having. We are already naturally speaking to our friends more often via Instagram. We find that our Instagram Stories are great triggers for conversation, so watch this space because it’s only going to grow. They are going to grab your attention – and keep it – whilst they make changes on Facebook.(via The Verge)

Snapchat are capitalising on Facebook’s big News Feed change announcements.  They are enjoying an increase in visitors & users as Facebook users get confused and scared (no need by the way – FB have your back!). Snapchat are definitely working on their ‘comeback’, so to speak. They are actively changing how they work with publishers. They are capitalising on desktop users with, and their face filters and technology are still better than Instagram. We notice a lot of people upload Snapchat filters to Instagram from Snapchat – because their audience and friends are still sitting on Instagram. With Vine on the way back too, they are going to have to push to fight to be unique and relevant as more and more users step away. They’ll almost definitely do it, by the way. Read more on Business Insider UK.

Instagram now shows GIFS in Stories. Looking for a little something extra for your Instagram Stories? A little something something to catch people’s eye? We are loving the addition of GIF stickers to Instagram Stories. You’ll find it in your sticker options when posting a story. (Tag us when you try it out! @allthingssocialhq✌🏼). (via The Verge)

Instagram now also allow any size of image in Stories. In another feature update that they were testing, users may now notice that it has been rolled out to the majority of accounts (Stef finally got it this morning!). This means that you can post square, landscape or other images in the portrait format. This is perfect for photographers, product shots, landscape pics – the lot. Have fun & play around with it! (via The Verge)

Instagram have added a Profile Visits feature. You can now see how many people have visited your profile in the past 7 days. This is another step in Instagram upping their analytics game and the geeky side of us is pretty excited. If you can’t see analytics – make sure you have a business profile – just a couple of clicks under Settings. We are going to play more with analytics on Insta and report back soon. (Read more on The Independent.)

What has caught your eye this week? Tell us below!