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We’re here with our weekly round-up of the top social media news stories from the week. We summarise the latest social updates in quick snippets so that you can stay up-to-date with all things social.

Our top story this week is that Instagram has made it easier to unfollow. When you now click to unfollow somebody, you no longer get the ‘are you sure message?’ on the app. So, watch out who you’re unfollowing as it could make for some uncomfortable refollow situations. (via Mashable).

An Instagram sign-in option is being tested by Facebook Messenger. What’s so cool about this possible roll-out? Well, it’ll give you the option to chat with your followers on Instagram. Yes, it seems like a desperate bid to keep Facebook relevant but it’s also a great one for convenience. (via First Post).

Snapchat’s lost millions of users. We know that the platform’s redesign didn’t go down well but we didn’t quite realise just how badly. Snapchat have announced that it’s cost them 2 % of its daily active users from 191 million to 188 million. Snapchat’s loss is of course Instagram’s gain, and only time will tell, when it comes to seeing how they will recover. (via The Verge).

Pinterest is rolling out promoted videos to all brands. We know that the network has been testing maximum width promoted videos with selected brands since May. Now, the results are in and they’ve decided to roll it out to all brands! A great way to improve your ad strategy and boost engagement. (via AdWeek).

You can now find a Facebook Mentor. This latest update, sees Facebook launching Mentorships matching people within Groups to help them guide each other. It’s a great idea as one of the key benefits of being in a Group is that energy exchange, so it’s great that this update will help you to find exactly what you’re looking for faster. (via TechCrunch).

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