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Voice and Branding on Social Media -

Last Friday, I hosted a workshop at the Digital Greenhouse, all about Finding your Voice & Branding on Social Media. The workshop was the first in a new Hands-On series presented by Startup Guernsey, offering practical workshops where small business owners can really learn by doing in a small, classroom-like environment.

Voice and Branding on Social Media -

It is incredibly important to get your voice and branding right on social media. You have to remember that social media is often the first place people see your business. It is essentially the face of your business online, which means that a) it needs to make a good first impression and, b) it needs to be representative of the vision and ethos of your company, so that it conveys the same message that you would were you to meet the audience in person for the first time.

I spoke a little about how to get voice & branding right on social because it is crucial, but not easy. You have to set out a clear idea of who you want your business to be online and then be strict with yourself on that. There are, I’m sure, many people out in world who do what you do, so don’t forget that you are your USP. The one thing that will differentiate you from others will be the way that you look and speak, so think of that when you represent your company online.

Voice and Branding on Social Media -

I showed some examples of distinctive social voice and showed the difference between them. I alsoused screenshots of a few different Instagram accounts, as I think that an Instagram feed is very telling of the look and feel of a brand. In the photo above, you will see a couple of examples on the screen from some previous clients of mine, where we truly focused on voice & branding online – and it has really paid off. The accounts are run by the same person but for the two restaurants that she owns. After chatting about varying colours and the difference between the two locations, both Instagram accounts now reflect the feel of the restaurants that they represent and as a result let people know exactly what to expect, even before stepping through the door. You can follow them both here: Octopus Guernsey and Le Petit Bistro & Cafe – well done to my client, the lovely Delphine, for listening so well!

After a little chat from me, we got into worksheets and one-to-one advice where we looked at the best ways to create a strong brand voice for your company and gave some examples of the best way to present yourself online. It was a throughly enjoyable morning. I, myself, was so much more at ease than when I held my first event back in November.

One final thing I always like to emphasise with every meeting or event that I do: Social takes time, so don’t expect miracles overnight but if you are consistent with your content and the way that you represent yourself and/or your business, then you will start to build up brand recognition and awareness, plus a loyal following – which will lead to increased sales and recommendations from your community.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. We have more events. Check out our Events Page for more details.


Thanks go again to Startup Guernsey for their continued support of my business and my workshops.