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Why facebook Groups Work -

As Facebook announced this year, its focus is on encouraging meaningful social interactions and you pretty much can’t get better than a Facebook Group for that. Even if you don’t have the time to set up and maintain a Facebook Group for your own small business, we highly recommend you join others (like ours!). Want a little more detailed convincing?  Here are five reasons why Facebook Groups work and are so important for you and your small business.

1. Free Expert Advice

Joining a community focused on your needs is a east way to receive quick, genuine advice and tips. For instance, if you’re in a SEO-centric Group and that’s what you’re struggling with for your business website, then it’s the perfect place to ask questions and get helpful & detailed advice. The specialised admins will be there to answer your questions for free, as they want to build a more engaged community and prove their worth. That free one-to-one access is priceless. Perfect!

2. Energy Exchange

These Groups are filled with people just like you who are all interested in the same area and may even have the answer for areas in which you lack or vice versa. It’s therefore the perfect place to not only ask your own questions, but to jump in and help others too. Who knows what benefits you and your small business may reap from making a new connection there?

3. Gain New Clients

Somebody in a Facebook Group could be looking for exactly what your small business offers. Whether they are openly asking to find somebody to help them in a particular area or asking you if you know of anybody directly, it can be a great way to introduce a prospective to your products or services. We do, however, beg you not to be directly salesy at others in the Group. People are there looking for genuine connections, not to feel like they’re being spammed and this kind of non-social behaviour could lead to you being banned. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

4. Receive Exclusive Content

As Facebook Groups are often a business’ most engaged community, members are truly valued. It is therefore quite common practice for admins to release news and offers here before anywhere else. They are likely to test ideas on you and offer special packages before anyone else. You’ll reap all of the rewards first!

5. Better Business Mindset 

Sometimes the solopreneur or small business life can be a lonely one. Facebook Groups give you the chance to connect with like-minded people and discuss everything from your mindset to your business struggles.You’re all pretty much in the same boat and just knowing that and having others to chat to about it can give you that much needed motivation you thought you were lacking.

Fancy putting our reasons to the test? We’d love to invite you to our new Facebook Group here.

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